Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Spooktacular Evening

First let me say THANKS to all of my friends who came out this evening to help make this a great night.
Go Figure the weather has been beautiful for weeks, even months, and then last night when we were supposed to have our 4th annual Spooktacular, and we were rained out; so we rescheduled for this evening and boy was it chilly.
Everyone seemed to have a good time.  There were so many cute costumes.  Speaking of costumes, I was trying some on Daisy to see which she should wear because every year the kids ask "Is Daisy coming over and what is she wearing?"  So, she tried on Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, she looked as though she had just been through the tornado.  She kept shaking her head and rolling around trying to take the costume off'.  Then I put on the monkey costume as you can see from the photo she was giving me the stink eye so that wasn't working either,  she ended up with a fuzzy leopard print coat trimmed in pink.

The kids still thought she was cute.  They seemed to pet Daisy as much as they played all of the games and jumped in the bounce house.

This is why I enjoy doing events like this, yes it's a lot of work and yes I could never do it without the help of my friends BUT it's great to see families and neighbors get together even on a cold night to spend time together and have some fun.

I'm fortunate to live in a neighborhood that is truly a neighborhood.

Thanks again to everyone!

Now time to warm up and take a break.