Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Back!

It seems like forever since I've had a minute to just relax and even write a bit.

Since December I've going, as my grandpa would say, like a house a fire on renovating the art center.
We've completely renovated the main performance floor and gosh is it pretty.  We have two reaming floors to go. 
The space, while it may be unconventional for big theatrical productions, is perfect for more intimate performaces.

We've had three such performance so far.

First we had the High School Vocal Christmas Concert under the direction of my friend Donald Stratton.  FABULOUS!

Second - we had our very own National Award Winning High School Jazz Band under the direction of Mr. Wyatt Roberds.  AMAZING! Along with our middle school jazz band under the direction of Mr. Chuck Noud.
I love jazz music and to see the talent of these young people boggles my mind.  Wow, what I wouldn't give to have just a little of their talent.

How anyone can't see the importance of arts to a child's education....Well that's a rant for another time.

So that's two performances.  Now for the third...

This past weekend, Summerstage, our local community theater company performed Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat.  What a fun show and a fun time.  Having Summerstage perform at the center meant a lot to me since the director, Beverley Scroggins was my high school teacher.  She  along with Margaret Holland-Pennell, another amazing teacher, are part of the reason that I'm involved in the arts today.

So, while it's been a dream come true to be able to create this center, it has been STRESSFUL.
And speaking of stress, did I tell you that I'm a stress eater?  You would think working 20 hours a day I would be rail thin - but nooooooooo

Not only do I eat without realizing it but now I'm walking in my sleep and waking up with a jar peanut butter and a half eaten nutty bar stuck to my face.

Now don't think I haven't thought of taking all of the food out of the house during these stressful times!  My only fear is I'll wake up with Daisy's dog food and a spoon in the can!

So, I'll try from time to time to post pictures of the renovation. And hopefully it wont be months between the updates.