Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What an honor

Last night I was awarded the Southwestern Madison County Community Service Award.  It was such and honor and a humbling experience.

To be recognized for fulfilling life long dreams that others feel have  helped to enrich our community is pretty surreal.  I'm a very fortunate person because  I've been able to check so many things off of a wish list that I started years ago.
  1. Start my own business - Check
  2. write a book                 - Check
  3. start an art center         - Check
My former teachers mentors and friends Bev and Margie
Some people think that they peak in their twenties but for me at 51 - I think the best is still ahead.

Rosemarie Brown  Chamber of Commerce Director

One of my biggest fans Jim Holland
My second family Melissa, Amy and Margie 

So, thanks to all who have always been there for me, my family and friends, and for believing in me and my sometimes crazy dreams!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Time to read

I envy people who say that as soon as they lay their head down they're fast asleep.   For me it's either toss and turn and flop around so much that even my dog Daisy looks at me as if, "Really, I'm trying to sleep here", because heaven forbid I disturb her beauty rest.  I jokingly say that the house is Daisy's house and she just lets me live there but deep down that may be true.

Anyway,  I either toss and turn or flip channels till I fall asleep with the remote in my hand then to suddenly drop it as I'm drifting off only to have to start all over again, flip - flop -toss and turn Sigh...

But then again sometimes I read.  There's nothing better that curling up with a good book, that's what I'll do tonight.  Tonight instead of reading one of the many novels collecting dust on the night stand I have 5 scripts to read. I'm researching material for the 2014 season line-up for The Alfresco Art Center.  There's nothing better than getting lost in a great story.

Sometimes when I read I catch myself laughing out loud. Heck, I even laugh out loud in the Hallmark store picking out cards.  Don't you know that's a head turner.  But if its funny-  what else can you do?

So, I hope I find lots of laughs tonight as I read.  I'm looking for some comedies and musical comedies. So here I go...   Act 1 Scene 1

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's almost showtime

These last few months have been a whirlwind! Do you ever stop and think... What have I gotten myself into? 

I don't know if this ever happens to you but it seems every time I start a new project, big or small, it always seems to take longer than I had expected, those dreaded unforeseen variables!
More time, more money, more everything!

But there is a light... we're finishing the second floor of the art center just in time for our next production  - "Forbidden Broadway", then we will announce our 2014 season.

One thing I know for sure! I am not doing anymore renovations till after the first of the year AND the next show I direct will not be at the same time as a renovation project!

As things come together the Crow Gallery is nearing completion along with Club 21 (which is near and dear to me.)
Club 21 is a small piano bar nestled within the mezzanine.  It's named for the year the building was constructed.  But the interior came from my aunts bar.  She recently passed and always wanted me to take over her bar.  So I removed key elements and recreated her bar as Club 21.  I think she would be proud!

So even with all of the delays, aggravations and all that jazz... The Alfresco Art Center is coming along nicely.  But if I start talking about the next phase of renovations before the end of the year would someone please remind me...

P.S.  pictures to follow after the show!