Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

I'm watching the movie New Years Eve.  What a cute movie.  And speaking of cute what about that Zac Effron not in an courage stalking kind of way, cause when I really think about it he's around my nephews age and that a deal breaker!  Have you seen him in Charlie St. Cloud or The Lucky One?  This guy is certainly aging well. Speaking of aging well what about Jon Bon Jovi?  Anyway have a Happy New Year and back to the movie.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Anyone that knows me knows I love the theater.  If my bank account would cooperate and time would permit I'd have season tickets to every venue in the bi-state area.  But alas, that is not the case.  I do however go as often as possible.  So when I heard that one of my favorite theatrical productions is being re-created for the big screen it gave me that icky feeling.  I immediately had a flashback to 1975 seeing Stephanie Mills in The Wiz and was thrilled when in 1978 it was being made into a movie.  Well, all know how that turned out!

But, today I was pleasantly surprised.  I've heard all of the hype and am a fan of everyone involved, (especially Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway)  Wow oh wow.  

My friend Diane and I arrived early and I'm glad we did.  The theater filled quick with 30 minutes to go and I had eaten half of my popcorn before the movie even started, which really isn't unusual; but after it began I didn't take another morsel, that is unusual!  From the moment  Les Mis began my popcorn became a trash bag for tear soaked napkins.

Usually during any movie you can hear quiet whispers; but not today, and even occasionally - especially the ending there was thunderous applause.

This was as close to live theater without actually being there that I think I will ever experience.  This production has raised the bar so high it would be incredible to see a resurgence of great musicals.

There's only one word I can say about the direction, acting, singing - everything about Les Miserables and that's unbelievable!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How Things have changed - Just Sayin

Not that I'm Miss Edict or anything but I have to ask, Is it really necessary when in a public place (like the hospital waiting room) that you have to talk as loud as possible having no regard for the other people in the room?  Inside voices people - please!   I mean really are you so insecure that you have to act like you are the floor show for others amusement?  News flash...  I'm not amused.  

AND I certainly get it that we as a nation, in general, have become casual in our dress. But who in their right mind thinks that wearing fuzzy pajama bottoms and a hoodie should ever be 
OK anywhere other than taking the trash out?

I get the whole be comfortable attitude I am certainly guilty of that but (and maybe it's my age) there are certain places that dictate appropriate attire just out of respect for the place.

Hospitals, Churches, Theaters (not the movie kind)  I remember when I was young (again maybe an age thing) that when we went to any of these places we dressed appropriately.

Just look how the women dressed when my mom was young and the way most women dress now. I know - I know - times change and I'm not saying we as women should be slaves to the old girdle routine (but the maker of Spanx hasn't done too badly so maybe I should) but maybe if we dressed better we would carry ourselves a little better;  myself  included (this could be a profound light bulb moment for me.)  If I dressed up more often than I do now maybe I would realize when things aren't fitting exactly the way they're supposed too.  Stretchy fabrics are very too forgiving  - proof of my expanding waistline.
And no I don't think dressing up and looking pulled together make us less strong and powerful as women.  I'm just afraid we (even me) haven't gotten lazy.  But I swear I've never worn my fuzzy pj's in public!

Now for those that have been annoying me all day with your rude behavior.
  1. You're out of bed so change your clothes.
  2. NO - I really don't want to hear every word you have to say
  3. Pick up your feet when you walk you can't be that tired - I doubt that you are even 20 years old
  4. AND if I hear "ain't" one more time!!   
Just Sayin

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday Update

My Christmas gift to me ...
One whole day of eating whatever I want, watching whatever I want with a serious case of bad hair!
What a great day. I may spend New Years Eve the same way!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Today was my family's Christmas; we've always celebrated it on Christmas Eve. Today was just another wonderful day adding to more great memories.  No matter how old I get I'll never be too old to get a kiss from my parents and hear those words... I love you.

These are the moments when I was young I took for granted.  But certainly not now, now even the smallest of things choke me up and sometimes reduce be to a big cry baby like when my dad cracks a joke and I see him really laughing or how my mom always looks beautiful at her age, always classy and impeccably dressed.

Even now thinking about how blessed I am to have my parents with me today - gets to me!  So we've survived what always seems like a rat race getting ready for the day.  I hate to admit it, but sometimes I  dread all of the hustle and bustle; but after today spending time with the ones I love, this is what makes it all worth while.

The wrapping paper has been ripped to shreds and the squeals from my nieces and nephew are now silenced it time to get in my fuzzy zebra jammies for the rest of the night and all day tomorrow and enjoy  back to back movies.  I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby it's cold outside!

As if I should be surprised that on December 20th it's cold!  Boy oh boy I'm never happy to see winter.   I look back on photos where my sisters and brother and I  built snow forts in the back yard and stayed outside for hours and wonder... how did we do that?  We always looked so happy, laughing and playing - bundled up with red checks and chapped faces. My how things change.  I caught myself today making the craziest looking faces as I tried to maneuver my way through the gusty winds rushing to get to the car. Not a picture that I would want immortalized I'm sure.   It's not that I don't enjoy this time of year.  I love the baking, the music, movies, I even like the snow, as long as I don't have to be out in it!
So I think it's fitting that tonight I bundle up in a fuzzy blanket in front of the fireplace and watch one of my new holiday favorites - "A dog named Christmas" cause as the song says... baby it's cold outside!        

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What a month!

November was going to be my month to kick back and relax; well you what they say about the best laid plans...  What started out as a time to decompress turned into a whirlwind - but what a ride it's been.  An opportunity of a life time presented itself and I found myself negotiating, acquiring and orchestrating the opening of the Alfresco Art Center.  Last night Friday December 14th was our gala opening event.

This past month taught me several things...

  • There aren't enough hours in the day, 
  • I'm really not as young as I used to be so maybe 3 hours of sleep a night isn't enough, 
  • and I am most definitely a stress eater, evident by the many candy wrappers and the smash nutty bar against by face when I woke up.  I could hardly blame Daisy for this one. 
But what I've also learned or maybe just confirmed is dreams really do come true and if you build it they will come!  Just like my business 12 years ago the art center has been a dream of mine forever - as I always say and even wrote about it in my cookbook - we can never dream to big!

So I'll have lots to keep you posted on; the balancing act of running a not for profit and a small business and of course, the never ending saga of... Brenda's battle of the Bulge!

Pictures to follow soon (none of the whole weight gain - can't seem to get it under control thing) but the renovation of the center and everything else, because... Everyday is an adventure!