Saturday, October 12, 2013

The perfect manicure

Have you ever noticed how some women's nails look perfect all of the time?  Polish never chipped, nails the perfect length, well -  I am not one of those people.

By hands are always in water or dirt or some other something that makes by hands look like a laborers hands.

Oh don't get be wrong I would love to have nice looking hands, I've tried!

Sometimes when I have nothing to do on a weekend night I try and do all of those girlie things.

Such as....
Color my own hair (sometimes it turns out and sometimes not so much)
Color my eyebrows (I know the box says not to do that but...)
Bleach my upper lip (What do you mean not everyone has to do that!)

And what's with that one course hair that grows from your chin that has probably been there all week and you just noticed it - oh great!

Now the nails.  I pick the color, pop in a CD or DVD ( I have to have white noise)  Even now as I write this I have the documentary of Walt Disney playing in the upper right hand corner of my computer screen - I love the split screen!

Now I'm ready - oh wait I better get my magnifying glasses - Lord knows I need those.

So after everything is finished my forehead is stained from the dye, my lip is red from the bleach, and I have polish about an 1/8th of and inch around my nails. 

As long as I don't have my magnifying glasses on it looks like the perfect manicure - besides the excess polish eventually comes off in the shower.

Well, that's my beauty regiment or lack there of for the next 4 weeks!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lights - Camera - Action

I love movies.  I love all kinds of movies.  So yesterday when a movie producer walked into my restaurant I was thrilled.  She (the producer) was looking for film locations for a movie that's being filmed in Granite City. Not only is it being filmed in my home town it's being filmed in my neighborhood, from the book "Men of Granite"about the actual events of a 1940 basketball championship!

When you're a kid and you hear these and other stories from the "old timers" you're thinking... yeah I know I've heard that before.  But in my mid 20's I really started listening to and appreciating these and other stories - Because after all a movie is just a great story.

This story, that I've heard for years, is bound to make a great story. I'm so glad that I'm around to see it happen.

Now I'll be just one of the many passing on this story of my neighborhood and it's people onto the next generation.

So come on spring 2014 I'm ready for Lights - Camera - Action!