Saturday, December 6, 2014

Speaking a foreign language!

I've always wanted to speak a foreign language! In school I tried German that didn't go well, so I thought I'd try Spanish.  Geez I may know a whole 4 words in each language.  Needless to say those classes brought down the old GPA. 

So, as I got older I thought, French that's such a romantic language.  I want to learn French.  Have you seen those advertisements... Learn to speak a foreign language in so much time?  They may work for some people but for me... all I did was spend money on cds that sit on a shelf and remind me that I still can't speak a foreign language! 

Although!  I may have added four more words to my multicultural vocabulary.  Let me see 4 words in German, 4 in Spanish and 4 in French - I'm just about ready for that international vacation!

I probably should give up.

But, there is one more language that I really need to learn and that's the language of hair. 
Oh you haven't heard of that?  I'm sure you know that language.   That's language of when you go to get your hair cut and can't seem to make them understand what you want, not even when you have a picture!   Like when I took in a photo of a cute trendy style and left looking like the shrunken head guy on Beetlejuice!

I swear before I die I will concur that language if no other!

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  1. It was a big day for Granite City -- a fantastic day for our city, particularly the re-emerging downtown area to be showcased so favorably by Fox2 in the Morning Show. As Mark likes to say, Brenda -- you are the Joe Edwards of Granite City and we're so glad for your vision, style, & execution to make it happen. You have spurred many on to keep the regrowth happening. M Earney